Taste Test [VIDEO] Dominos Double Cheese Crunch Pizza

I did a taste test on this new pizza from Dominos called the Double Cheese Crunch on video !

Dominos double cheese crunch pizza
Dominos Double Cheese Crunch Pizza

I can’t believe this is my first post of 2016!! I have been neck deep into work and could not create any new content.

A lot of my friends had been raving about this and I decided to try this as the first of my “Taste Test” series.

The Double Cheese Crunch Pizza is actually two thin crusts glued together with cheese and is available in medium to large pizzas. We ordered the Chicken Fiesta variety and got Garlic Bread with a cheesy dip free with our order.

Here’s the video:

The Pizza was delicious, and I couldn’t eat more than two slices because it was so full of cheese. I just wish the crusts were a bit more crunchy but in retrospect it doesn’t really matter. Its a great pizza!

Dominos Double Cheese Crunch Pizza
Look at all that cheese !!

Have you tried this Pizza yet? Did you like it? Let me know!



I was not asked to or paid for doing this taste test.


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