Satthwa Premium Hair Oil is an amazing solution to your hair problems!


Ever since I moved into my new home, my hair had been giving me a really hard time. The level of iron in the water where I live is way higher and the sudden change combined with the effects of monsoon took a toll on my hair, which was falling at an alarming rate. It was becoming limp and was losing its shine. I hate to admit it, but I am very much responsible myself for the  miserable state of my hair. I have abused it in the past by experimenting with hair color and chemical treatments and even though I have stopped doing all of that now, the after effects remain. I already have a premature graying issue which is hereditary and a dandruff problem because of my poor diet and oily skin. So add hairfall to this and the result is loss of sleep and stress which itself causes hair fall and premature graying! I guess by now you can imagine the mess I was in.

I did try some damage control by watching what I ate, drinking enough water, hair spas at the salon etc but I needed something extra, like a specialist.

Then I came across a few blogs and reviews about this premium hair oil which claims to prevent hair fall, boost hair growth, stop premature graying and prevent dandruff and decided to give it a shot as well.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

So before I tell you if this oil actually works, let me describe the product to you.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil is a blend of nine different oils, which are highly nutritious for your hair and scalp. The blend contains oils like Extra Virgin Olive oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Amla Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Emu Oil. These oils have been known for their beneficial effects on hair growth and health.

The 9 Oils of Satthwa

I have been using the oil for sometime now, and I saw a positive effect from the very first use! I applied this oil on my scalp and hair and left it overnight. The next morning during my hair wash, I noticed that I had barely had any lost any hair whereas on a normal day I would usually see at least eight to ten hair strands falling out. Neither did I see any hair fall when I brushed my hair as well. My hair felt softer and shinier after the very first use.


The great thing about this oil is that it is paraben free. Parabens are preservatives used in cosmetics which help the product have a longer shelf life but parabens are harmful for human health.

The oil has no added fragrance, which can be an advantage to those who are allergic to added perfumes.  

It is a bit pricey though. This premium hair oil is priced at INR 599 for 100 ml but because the oil is a bit on the heavier side, you require a very small little amount. With the kind of results I am seeing after using it, I can say the price is justified. I personally haven’t seen such positive results from other hair products. So if you are facing similar hair problems, I recommend you to try the Satthwa Premium Hair oil.

Click on the link below to purchase Satthwa premium hair Oil from Flipkart.


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