KOSH Kaolin Clay Face Mask


This Kaolin clay face mask from Kosh has orange peel, almond oil & kaolin clay and is suitable for dry to normal skin types!


Kaolin Clay has many benefits. It absorbs excess oil, deep cleanses the skin, and also soothes irritated skin. This mask from Kosh contains orange peel, which brightens the face, improves blemishes, clears out pores and fights dead cell built up. The almond oil in this mask has moisturizing and anti aging properties.

Directions of use – This is a just add water mask.
In a small non metallic bowl, add a teaspoon of water to a tablespoon of the mask. adjust consistency as per your preference. Apply all over your face and neck (avoiding the under eye area) and leave on for 15-20 minutes. If you have bumpy acne on your face then simply wash this off with cold water.

If you want to exfoliate with this mask, then wet the mask and gently rub using upward and circular motions. This will activate the oatmeal in the mask which is a natural and gentle exfoliant. Do not exfoliate on irritated skin.

This mask is completely organic and is free from parabens, preservatives and chemicals. Keep away from direct moisture and sunlight. For external use only.

Net weight 50 gms, Comes in a glass jar.

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