KOSH Natural Loofah Bars


Scrub away stubborn dead skin with our fragrant loofah bars!

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Embedded with a slice of Natural Loofah, these soaps are glycerin based and are meant to be used only on areas which have stubborn dead skin, like your heels, knees, elbows and knuckles.
Natural Loofas are made sun dying gourd vegetables and are easily available locally. Natural Loofahs feel very rough when dry but soften up after coming in contact with water. However, they can be abrasive to the softer parts of the body, except the feet and tougher areas like knees and knuckles.

Our Loofah bars are available in Watermelon, Green Apple, Orange Cinnamon and Jasmine variants.

They are available with and without the string. Please specify your preference accordingly.

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Watermelon, Jasmine, Green Apple, Orange Cinnamon


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