OPPO F1 Selfie Expert Review

OPPO F1 Selfie Expert Review

The OPPO F1 Selfie Expert phone is probably the most advertised phone this year and has managed to gather quite a lot of attention with the help of some Bollywood glam factor, given that it is endorsed by Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor, and also because it is a really good Selfie camera phone and that too, at a time when the selfie hysteria seems to have taken over the world.

I laid my hands on this phone about two months ago and have used it extensively since then. Here is my take, on the OPPO F1 Selfie Expert.



Name – OPPO F1 Selfie Expert

Price – INR 15999.

Operating System – Android 5.1 Lollipop

Skin –  ColorOS 3.0

Screen Size – 5 inch

Ram – 3 GB

Memory – 16 GB inbuilt. Expandable upto 128 GB

Battery – Non-removable Li-Po 2500 mAh battery

Camera Primary – 13 MP, LED flash

Camera Selfie – 8 MP

In the Box –

Handset, Wall Charger, USB Cable, Earphones, SIM Slot Opener and User guide.

The limited edition box which I purchased came with a gold flip cover, a selfie stick and a screen guard.

(I discarded the box as it was really huge and gave away the selfie stick because I already had two of them so I cannot post pictures of those)

Full Phone Specification Chart

I sourced the full specifications chart from GSM ARENA. You can click here to go to their website for specifications of any smartphone that is out there.



  • The phone itself looks very aesthetic in its rose gold metallic finish and that is the first thing that attracts you to it.
  • The interface of the phone is smooth and it does not lag.


  • I am highly impressed with its battery life. being a blogger, I am always on my phone on social media or clicking pictures, sending out tweets and statuses. Once the phone is charged to 100%, even after a full day of heavy duty usage, gaming, camera work and phone calls, the battery has never completely died and I am grateful for that.


  • The volume rockers are situated on the left side of the phone while the power button is on the right side, below the SIM tray.
  • The back lit touch sensitive buttons are inbuilt, and situated at the bottom of the screen.
  • Coming to the Camera, being a Selfie expert, the Selfie camera is no doubt great and has a feature called “Beautify” You can set it to the off, medium, weak or strong positions and take selfies. Setting it to strong and medium makes your skin look flawless in selfies and all blemishes and pimples and scars are not visible so that’s like instant Photoshop. I do find this a bit fake because the skin tends to look a bit too perfect but that is a trend that’s catching on.  Also if you have skin issues, this will help you click pictures with more confidence, in case you have a complex issue.



Selfie taken with the OPPO F! Selfie Expert. Beautify Mode - Medium
Selfie taken with the OPPO F! Selfie Expert. Beautify Mode – Strong
Close up shot taken under artificial mderately bright lights
Close up shot taken under artificial moderately bright lights
Long shot taken under strong artificial lights.
Long shot taken under strong artificial lights.


Close up Macro Shot taken under completely natural light
Close up Macro Shot taken under completely natural light
Long shot clicked in natural light
Long shot clicked in natural light
  • The Primary camera works great in daylight and takes some brilliant close up shots but falters in darker situations. I am not impressed with the video recording quality because the video jerks a lot and filming is not smooth.

Here is one of my YouTube videos which was shot on the phone and you will be able to see how much the frame jerks when the camera is being moved. So the stabilization is very much missing.

  • The SIM Slot is a tray which requires to be opened with a pin like opener. Inside there are two slots. So you can either put in two SIM cards together, or 1 SIM and Micro SD card. You cant have two SIMs and a Micro SD together so that’s a bummer. But the inbuilt memory is good enough if 16 GB is okay with you and you can use two SIM cards together then.
SIM Tray and Opener, OPPO F1 SELFIE EXPERT. Image Source – http://www.gadgetguy.com.au/
  • Call quality is good and communication is glitch free.


  • Speaker sound is just fine and ringtones are clearly audible and pretty loud. The call volume on speaker phone could have been a little better though.


  • The in built music player is easy to use, and sound in earphones is actually fantastic! A good feature about the music player is that everytime you stop, pause or play a track, the track always fades in and fades out and never abruptly stops. Also, you can select a portion of a track if you want to set it as a ringtone so with this phone you won’t have to pre edit your favorite song before setting it as your ringtone. You can do it here itself, in the ringtone settings menu.


  • A feature I absolutely love about this phone is called the “Lockscreen Magazine”.I have demonstrated it in a screen grab video where I have also shown and talked about the basic interface of the OPPO F1 Selfie Expert and you can watch it here.


As a camera phone, the OPPO F1 selfie expert is an ideal phone for a selfie taking Instagrammer but if you want to

shoot good quality videos then you could give this one a miss.


Pros –

  • Looks beautiful
  • Brilliant battery back up
  • Clicks great selfies and pictures in day light
  • Fast, Doesn’t lag
  • ColorOS is a user friendly OS with regular intermittent updates.
  • Screen is strong and has survived at least  a dozen falls without a single scratch
  • Value for money
  • Ideal for an avid Instagrammer



  • Video Quality is not good. Video lags and is jerky
  • Poor images in low light
  • Only two SIM slots which can be either used for two SIMs or one SIM and one Micro SD.


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