MPOC- Malaysian Palm Oil Council’s one of a kind Bloggers’ Meet in Kolkata

Palm oil is a vegetable oil, derived from the pulp of the oil palms plant. Palm oil is used worldwide in cooking as well as in cosmetics, soaps and other products. Malaysia is the world’s second largest producer of palm oil. The MPOC- Malaysian Palm Oil Council recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, and as part of the celebration, The MPOC organised a unique bloggers’ meet, complete with contests, fun activities and games.

Ms Bhavna Shah

On the 19th March, 2017, about 40 bloggers from the city were invited to Barbeque Nation in Park street for an interactive session. The day began with Ms Bhavna Shah from MPOC, addressing the bloggers about palm oil and MPOC. Ms Shah explained the uses of Palm oil, and how Malaysia is a key producer and supplier of Palm Oil to the world.

Then the bloggers were divided into teams and the games began.

The first game was a treasure hunt where we were given clue cards. From the clue given in the clue cards, the teams had to figure out the name of the restaurant which was to be visited next. Our first stop in the treasure hunt was Mocambo, a very well known restaurant in Calcutta’s Park street. There, we were given a questionnaire about palm oil. After filling the questionnaire we were give another clue card, leading to the next restaurant – Oasis, which was close by. There we were all blindfolded and given a dish to taste and guess ingredients. We also participated in a mannequin challenge there and the whole activity was fun.

Trincas – One of the restaurants in the treasure hunt.
Ingredients for the Salad Making Competition
Chef from Trincas explaining the rules of the competition

On completion of the mannequin challenge and tasting, our next and final step of the treasure hunt was at Trincas, where all the teams participated in a salad making competition, where a minute’s time was given to the team captains to choose the ingredients of the salad for their team. The competition was a very engaging team building exercise for the bloggers.

Tex-Mex Salad made by my team

Back at Barbeque nation, after an energetic game of darts, it was time for selfies with props and I can comfortably say that this was the most hilarious and entertaining part of the day, where we posed with props and placards for pictures and resulting in some very creative selfies. The day ended with a sumptuous lunch spread.

A game of Darts
Funny Selfies and happy Faces

Not only did the MPOC bring together so many bloggers under one roof, they helped us interact and get to know each other, while having so much fun at the same time.

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