Make Up For Glasses ft. Fastrack Frames by Titan EyePlus

A common misconception that exists among people, especially women who wear glasses is that if you wear glasses, you don’t need to wear make up as your eyes are hidden behind glasses and the make will not be seen well enough. On the contrary, your glasses actually highlight your face and great eye make up only adds an extra oomph to the look. So in case you are thinking of skipping make up the next time you wear glasses for a party or event, try a make up look and see how it goes.

Here are a couple of things you need to keep in mind about glasses and make up.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. A bold glitter eyeliner in a pop color like bright blue or gold steals the show when paired with rimless glasses.
  • The ‘Winged Eyeliner paired with Red Lipstick’ look is quick and fool proof when paired with geek glasses.
  • Skip false eyelashes  unless you are okay with that constant feeling of the lashes touching your spectacle’s lenses every time you blink
  • Instead, curl your eyelashes, and add mascara to the roots of your lashes. The curl will prevent your lashes from touching the lens and the mascara will add volume to the eyes.
  • Pay attention to your eyebrows. Never forget to fill them in when wearing make up with glasses.
  •  Apply extra translucent powder to the sides of your nose where your glasses sit to prevent that area from getting oily which will lead to demarcation and your glasses slipping off down the bride of your nose.

This post is in collaboration with Fastrack Frames by Titan EyePlus. For this collaboration I went over to the Titan Eyeplus Store near my home and got a free eye checkup after which I was helped by the staff to choose the right frame that would suit my face.  The Fastrack Frame I am wearing in this video is priced at INR 995/- and in the code FT1038A1A1. This collection called “Summer Styles from Fastrack is exclusively available in Titan Eyeplus stores only.

The lenses with the Advantage Coating are 100% UV protected. They are made from a poly-carbonate material which is nearly unbreakable.

The lenses are priced at INR 2995/-

This pair of spectacles is really lightweight and I love the shape which in my opinion suits my heart shaped face very well.

Here is the detailed video tutorial about the look I created for this collaboration.

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