Make Up Hacks, Tips and Tricks!

Make Up Hacks, Tips and Tricks!


My obsession with Make Up has led me to figure out and learn a few hacks and tricks which have saved me a lot of time and money and I want to share them with you! Here are a few of my tried and tested hacks, some of which are self taught while others have been learnt through tutorials and make up artist friends. I hope you find this helpful !



  1. DIY Fixing spray : M.A.C Fix Plus Dupe!
mac fix plus

A fixing spray, the most popular kind in our city being the M.A.C fix plus, is a finishing spray which you use at the very end of your entire make up routine, in order to set everything, make your make up last longer and give your face a dewy glow. It can also be used on a bare, make up less face as a face mist. It is no doubt a great product which gives a dewy finish to your face, but in case the price is too steep for you ( The fix plus from MAC is priced at INR 1600 for 100ml.) you can use this instead.

diy fixing spray bottle

Fixing sprays have two main ingredients : Glycerin and Pure water.
There are things as well like cucumber and green tea extracts, etc, but they are there only to add a cooling effect. Follow this recipe and make your own fixing spray at home for less than INR 50!

diy fixing spray kit

Clean an empty spray bottle thoroughly with warm water or alcohol and let it dry. Then mix Glycerin and pure filtered water in the bottle. The ratio of Glycerin to water should be 1:10, i.e, if you add one teaspoon of glycerin, then you must add atleast 10 teaspoons of water. If your skin is oily, dilute the solution with water even more. Too much glycerin will make your face look oily and shiny. You can also add some rose water for a nice fragrance. You can store this solution in your fridge and it will last you more than a month. Always spray this atleast an arm’s length away from your face so that only the mist settles on your face.


   2. DIY BB Cream.


A BB cream is essentially a tinted moisturizer with some SPF added. It is used to give the face a no make up but better look. If you are using a liquid foundation, then you don’t have to buy a separate BB or CC cream.

diy bb cream

Simply mix your liquid foundation with your moisturizer (for dry and normal skin) or a gel moisturizer (for oily skin) and you have your BB cream ready. You can actually mix a larger quantity in an empty container or contact lens box and store it! The ratio should about 2:5. All you are really doing is adding volume to your foundation without increasing the coverage intensity and color, hence covering your entire face with a very little amount of tint and moisturizing it at the same time. You can add SPF to this or you can just simply use a moisturizer which has SPF in it.


3. DIY Eyeshadow Primer

The function of your eyeshadow primer is to hold the eyeshadow for a longer time and making the color stand out. You can easily make your own primer at home for less than the price of a bag of chips!

diy eyeshadow primer

In an empty container, scrape out some compact or powder foundation. Add to this a few drops of Lacto calamine. Use the pink variety as it has that matte effect because its for normal to oily skin. Adjust the volume according to your need. Remember, the lighter the shade of your primer, the louder will your eye shadow stand out. If you happen to have the Maybelline Clear Glow Compact in white, then that’s ideal for this recipe as a white base for eye shadow will really make the colors pop out.


3. Get the most out of your lipstick.


Nearly finished lipstick

Depotted Lipstick

We usually discard lipsticks one they finish but do you know how much is left behind at the base? Scrape out all of the left behind product you possibly can into a contact lens box and use a lip brush to apply it next time. Your once dead lipstick will serve you again for at least ten more uses.

4. Powder your face before applying foundation

Sounds crazy?! Try it! Prime your face and then powder it with translucent powder. Let it sit for a while and then apply your liquid foundation. This will help you achieve better coverage and make your foundation last longer. Trust me.

5. Contour with lipstick!

contouring with lipstick

This sounds crazier, but if you are using a liquid foundation, then this is ideal for you! Simply use a brown or coffee (the shade should be atleast two shades darker than your foundation shade), shimmer less, non matte shade of lipstick and use it to contour your face : cheeks, sides of the nose, chin, temples and forehead and blend with a brush or sponge. You will save a lot of money by not buying an expensive contouring kit or product and a lot of time because this takes less than a minute to do with a lipstick! This is the only method I use for contouring. If you use a powder foundation, use a chocolate brown/ bronze, shimmer less eye shadow!

6. Baby oil for make up removal!

make up remover

A 125ml bottle of make up remover from Loreal is worth INR 450. A 100 ml bottle of Johnson’s baby oil is priced at INR 90 and it works like magic when removing eye make up ! And its made for babies so it is more than safe to use. Which one do you want to invest in?


7. Baby Powder as dry Shampoo

dry shampoo

The Loreal Techni Art Fresh Dust dry shampoo is priced at INR 950. Baby powder which is way less cheaper, functions exactly like a dry shampoo! Don’t waste your money behind an expensive dry shampoo. It is nothing but talc. Baby powder, due to its finesse is a better and safer option and you will not have to worry about the chemical residue left behind by the dry shampoo.


8. Revive a dry mascara with contact lens solution. Simply add no more than 4 drops of contact lens solution to your dried out mascara and watch it come back to life!

revive dry mascara




9. Turn any eyeshadow into an eye liner. I have a entire post about this. Read it here.




10. Always ask for a sample before buying foundation.

If you are planning to invest in a high end foundation from M.A.C or Inglot or Dior, try out the foundation on your face to determine your shade. Then ask for a sample which you can take home with you and test how much the foundation oxidieses, i.e changes color after prolonged wear, or  whether it becomes oily or patchy. It is a rule for all high end brands to give out samples before making a sale to the client. But because some people keep going back for the sample instead of actually buying the foundation, the store people don’t stress on sampling. They will come up with the common excuse of having run out of empty sample boxes. So when you go to buy your foundation, carry a small container with you for the sample. A contact lens box is ideal for this. Test your foundation properly and then buy it.I am not sure if the more affordable brands give out samples so you could try.


11. Hide grey hair with Lipstick!


Shahnaz Husain Hair touch up plus

So you are stepping out of your home, you realize you have some very visible grey roots and absolutely no time to color your hair! Don’t press the panic button yet. Simply grab a dark brown lipstick, apply it to the greys with light strokes. Its an emergency fix but will save the day. You could use an eye shadow of your hair color but the powder eye shadow will tend to fall out easily. If you have a chronic or hereditary or premature graying problem like me, then invest in this Hair Touch Up Plus Instant Stick from Shahnaz Hussain priced at INR 305. It comes in two shades, brown and black, is a real li


12. Use art and craft brushes instead of expensive make up brushes.

eye liner brush

Art brushes are a great alternate for expensive make up brushes. I use an art brush to do my eyeliner and it has made my life so much easier!


14. Instead of buying matte nailpolish, simply invest in a matte topcoat like this one from Loreal (INR 299), so that way you can wear your nail polish in matte or gloss as per your choice.

loreal matte top coat



15. Dab some translucent powder on your lipstick for the matte effect, instead of buying a separate shade of matte lipstick unless it is a necessity. This trick also helps your lipstick stay longer.





17. Obsessed with the beauty blender? It is remarkable tool no doubt but costs a bomb. Use a dupe instead. There are hundreds available online and any sponge which is meant to be used wet will give you the same results like the beauty blender. The skill of achieving a flawless airbrushed look lies in your practiced hands!

beauty blender and dupe


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