Review – Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palettes


Product Features

Product Type – Eye Shadow Palette – 6 colors

Net weight – 7.5gms

Price – INR 995

Packaging – Black Opaque Plastic Body. Mirror provided inside

Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette – French Rose


Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette – Royal Persia

Brand Speak – 

“A multi-faceted eye shadow for the diva in you, Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette is here to give your eyes the ultimate shine! These limited edition eyeshadows by Sabysachi Mukherjee have 6 versatile colours to play with and create stunning looks that are bound to turn heads.”


Swatches – Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette – Royal Persia
Swatches – Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette – French Rose


I was so excited when I first saw these online and luckily the brand sent them to me before I purchased them. The reason why I was so excited was because these palettes had a larger range of colors. While French Rose, which is a warm toned palette has shimmery colors (except two matte browns) the cool toned Royal Persia Palette has colors like teal, lavender, a matte gray, a pretty pink and a creamy gold. The colors look very beautiful sitting in the palette and the color arrangement is great for the Indian skin tone and especially for weddings and colourful Indian celebrations.

But the pigmentation and color pay off from both the palettes is a bit disappointing. Some of the colors like the pale shimmery gold from the Royal Persia palette are very chalky to apply while the teal and lavender colors are translucent and one will have to layer a considerable amount of product in order to get a strong, visible, bright color.

I had to rub my fingers very hard on the eye shadow pots when I was doing the swatches in order for the colors to visibly show up in pictures.

The French Rose Palette in my opinion has better pay off than the Royal Persia palette and the warm toned colors like the bright orange with micro glitter, the metallic pink, the gold and the pale copper are creamier in texture, show up on the skin easily and not a lot of layering is required in order for the colors to show up on the lids. The two matte browns are a little less pigmented and are good for contouring the crease.

The Royal Persia Palette is something that did not work for me but the French Rose palette is something I would buy, because it works, but primarily because in this price range in India, there are barely any other good palettes with such colors.

I really wish make up brands in India would make better, more pigmented products which are easy to blend and have good color pay off. The products are expensive but the pigmentation almost never lives up to the price.

I did a video using the Royal Persia Palette which you can watch here.




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