Lakme 9 to 5 Primer+Matte Powder Foundation – Review

Product Features

Product Type – Powder Foundation, Sheer to Medium Coverage.

Price : INR 600

Net Weight – 9 g

Packaging – Plastic Body. Lid is Rose Gold in Color, while the bottom half is a peachy beige shade. The product comes packed in a rose gold card board box.

*Total Number of Shades in the range – 6

Brand Speak – 

“The Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Powder Foundation is the ultimate product for today’s multitasking woman, with its ability to eliminate elaborate make up routines. The in-built primer gives you a strong base that blends effortlessly and conceals fine lines, while allowing you to get even and buildable coverage, all while giving you the picture-perfect long lasting matte finish.”


Swatches on white paper (L to R – Silky Golden, Honey Dew, Ivory Cream)
Swatches on hand – (L to R – Silky Golden, Ivory Cream, Honey Dew)

Review –

Let me just start the review part by saying that I had really high hopes for this product but I am disappointed.

These powder foundations are the second launches in the new Primer + Matte Range by Lakme (after the 9to5 Primer + Matte Lipsticks which I have already reviewed here )  and I guess they will also launch liquid and cream foundations, and/or BB creams in the same range soon.

The packaging is nice, in continuity with the rose gold theme of the 9to5 range. The compact body is plastic. The lid is a shiny stunning rose gold while the bottom half is a rosy peach shade. Once you open the compact, there is a small mirror and the foundation sits on top of the sponge compartment, the bottom of which is perforated so that the sponge stays dry and fungus free in case you get it wet, just like the MAC Studio Fix.


This product is a powder foundation which contains primer.

The idea of a product already containing a primer sounds very interesting and convenient. In layman terms, the added primer is usually silicone which gives that smoothness to the product. Almost all primers in the world contain silicone unless specified that they are silicone free. Silicone on the skin helps to blur pores & fine lines and gives the skin an even, smooth appearance.

Powder foundations are like compacts but are much more pigmented so that they can be used as stand alone foundations and not just as compacts which are usually used to blot the face or set cream or liquid products. Powder foundations are ideal for people who have oily or combination skin and for those who live in hot, humid climates.

The best powder foundation in the Indian market today, in my opinion is the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation priced at INR 2500+  (which is probably the only MAC product I actually like and is value for money), Loreal Infallible Powder Foundation, INR 1350+ comes close, is a bit more chalky than Studio Fix but there are not many shades to choose from. Both are full coverage foundations. Below I have linked a video tutorial about Powder foundations from my YouTube channel where I speak about them in detail.

So when Lakme launched these at INR 600, I was super excited.  I was sent three shades, namely – Honey Dew, Silky Golden and Ivory Cream by the brand.

Ivory Cream is the lightest of the three, while Honey Dew is the Darkest. Silky Golden is a fair to medium shade which thankfully was a close match to my complexion. All the shades sent to me have yellow undertones.

L – R – Honey Dew, Sliky Golden, Ivory Cream

The powder feels smooth once you run your finger through the pan and you may feel that it will blend very well because of the primer, but in my case, where my skin has acne, acne scars and pores, I had to work very hard to blend the product evenly.

I started with a moisturised face. Then I ran the sponge across the pan to get a good amount of powder on it. As i started blending I could see that it is not blending evenly and is also not covering scars and acne very well.  Much to my dismay, my pores looked more visible than ever which you can see in the close up below.  I had to take a buffing brush and swirl it all over my face to get an even, blended finish. Also, there was a fair amount of fallout and kickback everytime I tried picking up powder on my brush and sponge so if you are sensitive or allergic to dust this could make you sneeze.

After – (Notice The appearance of my pores and fine lines under the eyes)
Close up – The foundation is really streaky and doesnt cover the redness of pimples. Closely, it looks patchy.


The coverage is sheer to medium and its very difficult to build it to full coverage. If you have acne scars or under eye dark cirlces, you will have to use a concealer but then again, if you use a cream concealer under or over a powder its vulnerable to cracking and streaking so thats another issue.

As a powder foundation, unless you lock it in with a setting spray, this product wont last for more than 5-6 hours without a touch up but I think 5-6 hours is a good amount of time.

Final Verdict –

  • The Lakme 9-5 Primer Plus Matte Powder Foundation is an average product. It applies unevenly with a sponge and has to be blended with a blending brush.The coverage is Sheer to Medium not buildable to Full.
  • It does not minimize the appearance of large pores like a primer is expected to do.
  • It is good for those who have oily skin as it has a good matte finish and in my case the T-zone doesn’t get oily for atleast couple of hours.
  • The amount of fallout and kickback is very high.
  • The number of shades in the range is very limited (6) so people with darker complexions will have a hard time finding a match.
  • The price, INR 600 is reasonable.
  • This product is a blessing for people who have smooth, problem free skin, because they won’t have to work very hard to cover up and conceal and it should blend better on smoother, poreless, acne – free skin.


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