KFC Longer – The latest treat from KFC !

KFC Longer – The latest treat from KFC !

KFC has introduced a couple of new items on its menu in the last one year, like the Chizza, Five in one meal box the Mingles bucket, Friendship bucket, etc. This time, just before Pujo, KFC has brought out another treat for us, the form of the KFC Longer.


The KFC Longer is available in both, Chicken and Vegetarian varieties which is great and it is priced at only INR 49 (plus taxes)  !



So what exactly is the KFC Longer? It is a long, toasted bun, with crispy chicken for non-vegetarians and crunchy veg strips for vegetarians. Both the options are filled with fresh salad and topped with a zesty tangy sauce.

I had done a video taste test of the KFC Chizza which you can watch here.

As much as I love KFC for the Hot wings and fried chicken, I was getting worried about the increase in prices on some of the items in the menu, because after taxes it does get a bit expensive sometimes. At such a time, the KFC Longer came as a bit of a pleasant and pocket friendly surprise!

KFC Longer INR 49 plus taxes

What I really like about the KFC Longer is the price. At INR 49 plus taxes, I think it is an extremely affordable snack and it’s great for those on a tight budget.

Sounds tempting? Grab your KFC Longer today at your nearest KFC!

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