How to fill your eyebrows Video Tutorial

How to fill your eyebrows Video Tutorial


I cannot stress enough on the importance of filling your eyebrows after make up!! Well filled, proportionate eyebrows can brighten your face and also make it look slimmer.

Previously it was said that the neck is the most neglected part of the face when it came to make up. But that has been said so often that now you will hardly find women forgetting to apply foundation on their necks as well. The only remaining step child of the face family is the eyebrow area, neglected, more often than not.

So you have put on make up and you are ready to step out for the day, on a date or for work or for dinner. But you always feel that your face looks incomplete even though you did the best you could, from the foundation to eyeshadow, to lips. But you are still not satisfied. So its high time you paid enough attention to filling your eyebrows using the right products and tools, because your eyebrows play a pivotal role in complementing your face.

before and after

When you apply foundation over your face, your eyebrows also get coated with a layer of foundation which makes them look very light. Also, after foundation your skin obviously looks brighter than usual. So eyebrows under foundation, skin brighter than usual, eyebrows lighter, you do the math. So, ALWAYS fill in your eyebrows after you apply foundation.

And its not rocket science, trust me. Watch this video for the technique. Remember, you will only get better with practice. Regardless of the product you use, once you master the technique, you can work with anything!

Products and Tools you need:

Here is a list of suggested products you can use to do your eyebrows. You can use any of these products which you wish too. You need not buy all.




Your eyebrows should not look drawn on your face. They should look natural and full.

Choose a shade that is lighter than your brow hair. If your brow hair is black, choose brown. Choose the shade of brown according to your complexion. for a very fair complexion, a light brown shade should suffice. For wheatish to darker skin tones, use darker shades of brown.

1. Brow Gel : The Ideal Brow Filling Product.

This is the Body Shop Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner for Eyes and Brows, which can be used as both a brow gel as well as a gel eye liner. Its a highly pigmented product for which you will have to practice well before you can use this regularly. It comes in a pot along with a brush which is similar to the brush you get with the Maybelline Gel Liner. All major cosmetic brands make this kind of a gel liner in a pot.

The Body Shop 2 in 1 Gel Liner for Eyes and Brows

the body shop brow gel pot

tbsbg brush

2. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal in Brown

A very affordable product, this a good brown shade to fill your eyebrows. Very lightly apply long strokes along your brow and then smudge it out with a brush or smudger.

Eyeconic kajal in shade Brown
Eyeconic kajal in shade Brown

Brow Pencil

A very common product which can be found in a variety of brands, prices and shades. You can very well buy a non branded dark brown lip liner from your local cosmetics shop for as low as INR20.

This one from Chambor comes with a smudger attached at the end and is my personal go to brow filler. It was the size of a regular pencil but I have used it up to half its size. Sadly, its out of stock at all Chambor stores in Calcutta at present so I am using it very sparingly.

Chambor Eye Brow Pencil with Smudger in shade Brown
Chambor Eye Brow Pencil with Smudger in shade Brown


Matte Powder Eye Shadow

 The easiest of the lot. Matte eye shadows are very easy to work with and are ideal for beginners. But please, do not use shimmer eye shadow instead because your eyes should sparkle, not brows!


Kryolan matte eyeshadow in shades Congo and 101




Technique explained with text and pictures.


Taking an angular brush, choose your product and begin working. On this brow I will use the Kryolan Eyeshadow shade 101.

From the inner most corner of your brow bone, work outwards to the end of your brows. Follow the natural shape of your brow and do not force a curve if your brows are straighter.


Notice the difference between the filled and unfilled brow. This is a very light and natural look, ideal for semi coverage, day or formal make up.

I did the other brow using the Body Shop Gel Liner for a heavier, fuller look.



Gradually build the product into your brows to achieve the desired shade.

Right brow, filled with the powder shadow, and left brow is filled with brow gel for a thicker, fuller look.
Right brow, filled with the powder shadow, and left brow is filled with brow gel for a thicker, fuller look.

Next, I went ahead and balanced the right brow with the gel for a complete finish to this particular look.




Tips :

1. Always start with powder eye shadows and as you get better with practice, move on to pencils and gels. That is because powder eye shadow is easier to remove hence you will have plenty of scope for corrections.

2. Eyebrows should be like sisters, not twins. So you don’t need to try very hard to make your two brows look exactly alike. Just follow the natural shape of each one.

2. Incase you end up looking like Frieda Kahlo because you filled your eyebrows more than required or they look too artificially defined in the inner corners, Don’t panic!! Just grab a sponge or foundation brush and smudge the corners with light outward strokes.



3. Always apply very light pressure on your brows while working with gels, pencils or kajals. You will be less likely to make irreversible mistakes.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice!!


**I am not a make up artiste or an expert or something. Just a regular girl OBSESSED with make up!

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