Handbag Essentials

Handbag Essentials

Handbag essentials for every woman to carry with herself!


A handbag is like a portable home for a woman. We tend to carry EVERYTHING in our handbags, and barely end up using half the stuff everyday. From books, to water bottles, keys, make up, spare clothes, we like keeping everything close by, incase of an emergency. I am someone who carries an extra pair of shoes when i’m wearing strappy high heels, incase my heel snaps or something. But there are a few things that every woman should carry in her handbag and also keep it clutter free and easy to access in order to survive the big bad world out there!

forever new handbag black

The most important thing to do before everything else is to invest in a good, sturdy and stylish handbag, which has strong straps to carry the weight of all your stuff and attitude ! My gorgeous black bag is from Forever New (INR 4000) . Its in a color which goes with any and every outfit and despite having used it very regularly for months its still as good as new so it will be safe to say that this was a steal of deal!

Here are some Handbag essentials for every Calcutta Girl! These are things I almost always carry with me everywhere I go


Wallet and Phone :


wallet and phone

The most important thing in my life is my wallet. We use more of electronic money than real hard cash these days so a good wallet should have enough space where you can store your I.D cards,credit cards, debit cards, your shopping mall membership cards, cash, loose change and atleast two or three extra compartments to store important bills or receipts. Its also a good habit to keep cash arranged neatly as not many people know but it is an offence to crumple or fold currency notes in our country. Or maybe that was a lie which the Kaku in my bank  told me when I was a careless kid so that I would keep my money in a better condition. But whatever maybe the case, an organised wallet is always better than a messed up one!

Invest in a good sturdy wallet and it will stay with you for a long time! I am presently using this bright red Lavie wallet (INR1300)

Need I say anything about the Phone? My phone is the new Micromax Yu Yureka (INR8999) and I am absolutely in love with it! Its very light weight, with 2GB RAM, powered by Cynogen OS, 2500mah battery, 13MP Rear Camera, 5MP Front Camera… I could go on forever about but you get the picture!



to your house or car or safe or piggy bank.

Pee Buddy:

pee buddy

Where do I even begin about the importance of this particular product?? I discovered the Pee Buddy  on HealthKart about a year ago and my life has changed since then. Literally. I never have to hold my pee for long hours anymore in the absence of a good clean toilet when I am out. Even the toilet seats of your favorite mall are not always clean. Doctors have always warned against using dirty toilets or holding back pee for long hours because that can have dangerous consequences like Urinary tract infections, complications in your inner plumbing etc. After meeting the pee buddy I have never had to suffer or hold back my pee or sit on a dirty toilet seat.

Its basically a water proof, single use urine director which enables you to stand and pee without have to sit over a dirty toilet seat or squat over a filthy hole in the ground. Here is a link to their website as well as a link to their YouTube video which will help you understand all about this wonderful product. And its very affordable too!

Pee Buddy Instruction Video

Pee Buddy website

Pads and Tampons

tampons and pad

Some women keep a calendar track of their periods while some don’t. Whatever be the case, always keep a sanitary napkin pad or tampon in your bag whether its your time of the month or not, to avoid surprises or accidents. They could even come handy if someone around you happens to need one.


Extra Cash

extra cash

Always hide some extra cash incase you forget to carry your wallet or lose it.

Handbag stuff

Wet Wipes

These are indispensable for us this summer. A nice swab of a wet aloe vera scented wipe across the face and neck is an instant refreshment for the face and mind alike!

Hairbrush & Hair Ties

To keep those tresses beautiful and disciplined!

P.S : Make sure you keep you hairbrush inside a pouch or covered with something, otherwise the bristles of your brush will damage and even possibly tear the inner fabric of your bag. (speaking from first hand experience!)

Some Light make up

A single kohl pencil or kajal, a basic compact or powder foundation, and your lipstick of the day or simply a gloss. All you need for your touch ups!


To protect precious eyes from the blazing sun!


To smell fresh and great, wherever and whenever! Instead of carrying a huge can of deodorant I carry these small oil based perfumes from The Body shop and the take up almost zero space in my bag!

Hand Sanitizer

To keep those germs away!

Self Defence :

I usually carry a paper knife and have never used it so far (thank God!).Pepper sprays and tasers are also very easily available online.

Wifi and Power bank :

photon max wifi duo

This is personally essential to me. The limited 3G data on my phone was proving barely enough and very slow so I recently started using this Tata Photon wifi device, which is a super fast unlimited portable wifi hotspot. It also doubles up as a power bank so I don’t need to carry a separate power bank to charge my phone on the go. Just a usb cable along with this and I am sorted for the day. It takes about 5 hours to charge and runs up to about 14 hours straight. Now, I don’t have to look for free wifi here and there or plug in a dongle into a laptop or wall charger. I have wifi with me, wherever I go! (I may not even need this device soon because the CM is making Calcutta fully WIFI and I have even started getting Jionet at Rashbehari, Hazra, Gariahat and Behala, apart from Park Street! Yay!!)



I also carry some good old moshla moori with me, because I like it! Its a nice in between meals snack.

And finally some minty gum, to keep bad breath away!


I don’t usually listen to music on the go so earphones are a no no for me.

So how does one keep so much in just a simple handbag and still keep it clutter free? Its simple. Put all the small stuff in a pouch together, and use the inner and outer chain compartments well! I got this gorgeous pink pouch free with Maybelline products!

pink pouchhandbag full

You might be thinking that all of that stuff in one handbag will make it very heavy and difficult to carry. But most of these things are actually very light weight. Plus these are things that I personally require and carry myself. Your personal needs might just differ.

A few other things that should be present in your bag and/or wallet at ALL times are, A pen, so that you won’t have to borrow one from a random Bhodrolok at the bank, a few of your passport sized photographs and photocopies of your I.D and Address proof. You never know when all of a sudden you might just direly need these.

Treat your handbag with care and love, and it will forever support you through everything!


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