Dove pH Test – Is this soap really mild on your skin?


Dove is a brand which has become a household name. Especially Dove soap has been around for a very long time. Even when I was a kid, I remember my mother extensively using Dove to wash her face and she encouraged me to do so as well when I was in college and using make up. My mother still swears by Dove but I on the contrary swayed towards face washes and because of my oily skin, I use an oil control face wash instead.




Recently Dove sent me a hamper of Dove soaps along with Litmus Paper to test out and compare the soap with others myself at home, just like their advertisements on TV and I was pretty stoked about it honestly, because despite being a failure at balancing equations, fiddling with chemistry lab equipment used to be my favorite thing to do in chemistry class. I sound so much like a child right now. Nevertheless, I did the test and as Dove claims, I saw for myself how much the color of the pH strips changed.


So let me explain in the simplest of terms how exactly this works.

  • pH is a figure expressing the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a logarithmic scale on which 7 is neutral, lower values are more acid and higher values more alkaline.
  • Yellow pH strips turn Blue for alkalis, and Red for acids. Which means, the higher the alkali or acid content, the stronger the change in color will be.
  • Soaps are alkaline in nature.
  • Your skin should be pH balanced. if you have dry skin which is prone to flaking, dandruff or eczema it means your skin is too alkaline. This leads to premature ageing among other things. Therefore, you will need to use products which will keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.
  • If you have oily skin and break out a lot, it means that your skin is too acidic and that results in skin issues like acne, scarring, etc and to combat that, you will have to use oil control and gel based products which protect your skin, keep it hydrated but at the same time do not add anymore grease or moisture to it.
  • In order to keep skin problems at bay, you must keep your pH balanced. Diet obviously plays the biggest role in this. What also matters is your skin care regimen and the products you use.

The Dove pH Test

I used three kinds of soaps for this test – An antiseptic soap, Dove soap and a glycerin soap. Dove claims to be the mildest, whereas glycerin soaps are considered to be soft on the skin. I did not expect any mildness from the anti septic soap as such soaps are supposed to be strong in order to be able to fight germs.


pH Strips



L-R Antiseptic Soap, Dove Soap, Glycerin Soap


I wet the soaps with plain water and one by one placed the strips on them. The pH strip immediately turned dark blue as soon as it came in contact with the antiseptic soap which indicates that the soap is very alkaline and will dry out the skin completely. Thankfully we do not use antiseptic soaps on our face or body.

I was expecting the glycerin soap to not change color but it was disappointing when the pH strip turned bluish green after coming in contact with the soap. This indicated that the soap is pretty alkaline but less than the antiseptic soap which means that despite having a strong moisturizing agent such as glycerin these soap have a tendency to dry out your skin.

The strip I placed on Dove, barely changed color, indicating that Dove soap is the mildest of the three, is well balanced and is not harshly alkaline in nature.

A quarter of a regular Dove soap is moisturizing cream

Brand speak – “Dove is not a soap. It is a beauty bar. with 1/4 moisturizing cream, this beauty bar cares for your skin leaving it soft and smooth. Dove does not dry your skin”




I decided to use the Dove soap for at least a week before publishing this post because I wanted to test out the claims myself. Skin is not a strip of pH paper after all.  and I am actually pleased with the results. I have been washing my face with Dove for a week  now and my skin does feel soft and supple after every use. even though it consists of  moisturizing  agents, my oily skin does not feel oilier than usual. It does not control oil like an oil control face wash should but it has this feel good factor about it which you need to experience for yourself. The Dove soap smells really good too.

PR Samples 

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