Review – Deborah Milano Love My Lashes Long Mascara

Product Features

Product Type – Lengthening Mascara – Black

Net weight – 11ml

Price – INR 425

Packaging – Regular Mascara Cylinder with Opaque Black Plastic Body.

Deborah Milano Love My Lashes Long Mascara


Brand Speak – 

“Love My lashes Mascara actually takes care of lashes with a formulation containing Hydra-Lash DH Complex, a cocktail of substances that keep lashes supple and well hydrated.”

Swatches –

Deborah Milano Love My Lashes Long Mascara Wand



The Love My Lashes Long Mascara does seemingly add a considerable length to the eye lashes but the difference is not tremendous or lives changing per say. Once applied, the eyes look fuller and brighter in comparison to a no mascara look.

What I love about this particular mascara is that the wand has been kept simple and much like the mascara wands of the 90’s, which my mother would have. No fancy shapes and sizes. I believe that a simple mascara wand is easier to use on every kind of eye shape whereas the differently shaped ones sometimes go wrong and may stain your under eye area, or like in my case, poke me straight into the eye.

The pigmentation is strong and the color pay off is very black. I have seen mascaras with a translucent pay off where at least four coats are required to achieve a satisfactory look but with this one about two coats do the trick.

Another thing I would like to mention here is that this mascara is very easy to apply over false eye lashes as well, and thanks to the simple wand, it does not mess up the lashes or move them around.

Deborah Milano Love My Lashes Long Mascara Wand

The Love My Lashes Long Mascara is also easy to remove and does not leave any stains or residue behind on the eye lashes. The mascara is decently priced and I recommend it.


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