Cool off : The Calcutta way

Beat the heat with these Calcutta cool offs!

The weather is being very cruel to us and it keeps getting unbearably warmer. Here are a few typical Calcutta ways to keep it cool this summer.

1. Jump into the para pukur for a nice and cool swim

If you know how to swim then your para pukur is the best place to spend the afternoons in. (A pukur which is clean and safe obviously) Or join swimming classes and go every day. It is said that swimming is the best exercise the human body can possibly get, so shed those piled up extra winter pounds as you cool off in the pool.

And those of you who have choubachhas in your homes, I envy you.

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2. Apply prickly heat powder to keep ghamachi away.

Ghamachi or Prickly heat rash( miliaria) is the worst thing that could happen to you in summers. In the rare case mum has forgotten to get the family size pack of Nycil, its about time you go and get one. Go for the cool herbal one, or the Navratna cool talc. It actually feels like A.C after application and no ghamachi will dare to show up behind your back, literally.


3. Have chini-murir jol

This is an ancient remedy Bengal has passed down from generations as a cure for all stomach problems like Ombol, Pet gorom, Pet kharap, or Patla Payekhana. Its equally important to cool of your insides and this is a tried and tested remedy which always works for me.

Soak a cup of puffed rice i.e good old Muri in a liter of drinking water alongwith a teaspoon of sugar for fifteen to twenty mins. Then drink the water and eat the soaked muri. You will instantly feel a cool rush in your belly.

I dont know the science behind this but this is very effective to keep your stomach cool, especially if you love hot and spicy food like I do.


4. Insist on tok daal everytime you eat bhaat at home.

Cold aam daal straight from the fridge with alu bhaate or uchhe bhaja is an ideal lunch for a Bengali, but I being a marwari could kill for it so good food is exempt from all boundaries and social limitations! But thats no the point.

Aam daal is very easy on the digestive system, as the green mango is loaded with bundles of good nutrients. Don’t forget to save a portion of the bhaat for tok doi in the end. And then go for a nice 2 hour post lunch ghum. If you can afford to that is.

aam daal
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5. Stop and have some lebur shorbot, or fresh juice

Everywhere in the city, countless lebur shorbot vendors have setup shop to give you a tall glass of lemonade, pudina pani, rasna, and jaljeera for as low as Rs 5/- only. To replace all that moisture lost with sweat, hydrate and refresh yourself with the classing lebur shorbot. In a city like ours, fresh juice, chhas, daab pani or ganna juice are abundantly available, so drink up the freshness as much as you want, and do stay away from too many ‘Colddinks’.

nimbu pani

6. Mandatorily carry a Chhata and Joler botol with you, wherever you go.

Some people make fun of people like me who carry a chhata every day, everywhere but that is one thing that keeps heatstrokes away. And the joler botol, needless to say is a life saver during such dehydrating days.

chhata botol

And finally, get a haath pakha for yourself, for old time’s sake 🙂


haath pakha
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