Charmis – Three must-buy skin care products from this brand

Charmis – Three must-buy skin care products from this brand


Charmis is an Indian skin care brand that has been around for decades. Growing up, I remember having at least one container of Charmis cold cream in the house at all times during winters because my mother was and still is quite fond of the cold cream formula and it is an important part of her winter skin care regimen. The cold cream is quite moisturizing on the skin and has a rather sweet and creamy fragrance.

Now at 30, with acne prone, oily skin I have developed my own skin care regimen around controlling my recurring bouts of pimples and zits by including more hydrating toners and gel based moisturizers instead of oil or cream based products.

In this post I am going to talk in detail about three products that I tried from Charmis Deep Radiance Vitamin C range and have been using for a while now, namely the Charmis Face wash, Face Serum and Hand Cream, so this should be helpful for you if you are interested to purchase these products for yourself.  The USP of this range is that all three products have three particularly important and popular ingredients for skin care – Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Salicylic Acid. Don’t let the word ‘Acid” intimidate you. These “acids” are so good for skin and general health.

Charmis Deep Radiance Range

So before I speak about the actual products, let’s get to know these acids a little better.

Vitamin C – This powerful type of vitamin which is abundantly found in citrus fruits has various known benefits for the human body. Physiologically some of its many functions are to help your immune system perform better, keep your eyes, teeth, bones, tissues and muscles stronger and so much more. For skin, Vitamin C is such a blessing! It slows down the wrinkling of skin and aides in collagen formation. Vitamin C also prevents your skin from acne as well as dryness so make sure to include plenty of oranges, papayas and broccoli in your diet to benefit from this wonderful vitamin also known otherwise as ascorbic acid.

Hyaluronic Acid – This is one of the best kinds of humectants that is actually naturally produced by the human body and is found in the skin. One of the many abilities of Hyaluronic acid is to keep our skin moisturized and hydrated for a healthier, younger appearance. However, due to poor diet, pollution and stress, our bodies might just not produce enough of it naturally. Which is why many skin care brands have launched products loaded with this essential skin booster.

Salicylic Acid –This ingredient is my favorite of the lot because salicylic acid has helped me tremendously to keep my pores clean and acne in check. It’s a great exfoliating agent which is especially good at getting absorbed by your skin and unclogging your pores. Clogged pores are considered as culprits behind sudden breakouts and stubborn acne because they tend to trap acne causing bacteria within them. Dermatologists worldwide are now using salicylic acid as one of the major components of more advance skin clearing treatments such as Chemical peeling which are extremely popular right now.

Now let’s talk about the Charmis Deep Radiance range which has all three of these wonderful, skin friendly components.


Charmis Deep Radiance Vitamin C Face Serum with Hyaluronic and Salicylic Acid –

Charmis Deep Radiance Face Serum

The face serum is the star of the show which is why it’s on top of my list! The reason why I have had to switch from cream based skin care to gel based, is because most cream based serums and moisturizers had the tendency of making my skin feel greasy within an hour of application because my skin type is oily most of the year. And some ‘non oily’ serums were making my face a bit too dry in winters. My skin would feel stiff and I would see dry patches especially around the mouth area. But the Charmis face serum worked so well for me. After using this diligently twice a day for almost a week during peak winter time I have to say I am very pleased with this product. With Vitamin C, It also removes pigmentation and dark spots and reduces uneven skin tone while hydrating the skin. It is a cloudy liquid, not too thick and just two generous pumps are enough to cover my face and neck. It gets completely absorbed by the skin in just about 10-15 seconds into massaging it . It is very lightweight and after application I don’t feel that there is any product on me. My face feels hydrated for hours and doesn’t get too oily either. It has a subtle but luxurious fragrance which I really like. While I still haven’t had the opportunity to wear it under makeup, I am positive that this will be a great non-greasy moisturizer for a good make up base.

Price – INR 200 for 30ml

Packaging – Opaque plastic bottle with pump dispenser, packed in an outer cardboard box.

Buy it here



Charmis Deep Radiance Vitamin C  Face Wash with Hyaluronic and Salicylic Acid


Charmis Deep Radiance Face Wash

This Vitamin C face wash by Charmis also contains Hyaluronic and Salicylic acids. It is a thick, transparent, peach coloured gel. One coin sized dollop produces a dense, foamy and fragrant lather and rids the face of oil and impurities. It also removes traces of eyeliner as well. It is very gentle on the skin, with a skin-friendly pH level which is suitable for all skin types. With Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid it leaves skin revived and hydrated and not just that, it washes away 99.9% acne causing bacteria giving a clear and radiant skin

Once I have followed it up with the Charmis face serum, my skin feels clean and hydrated. I think it is a good bargain given that it is pocket friendly for the amount of product in the tube.  My suggestion is to keep the bottle upside down to prevent any leakage.
Price – INR 180 for 150 ml

Packaging – Opaque Plastic Tube

Buy It here



Charmis Deep Radiance Face Wash Swatch
Charmis Deep Radiance Face Wash Swatch



Charmis Deep Radiance Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Hand Cream

Charmis Deep Radiance Hand Cream


The packaging of this Hand cream mentions Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid as key ingredients,. Due to COVID, we have increased the use of alcohol based hand sanitizers and soapy hand washing agents which take away moisture from the hands and leave them looking dry and dull. So using a good hand cream to maintain the health and appearance of the palms and hands is essential. This hand cream is quite thick, opaque and pure white in color and is packaged just like the tube of the face wash.  The fragrance is similar to the serum and face wash. It is completely non-sticky and gets absorbed quickly into the skin which is a must for me in hand creams because who likes greasy palms and butter fingers, right? It says on the bottle that this hand cream also protects the skin from 99.9% bacteria which is an added bonus given the present pandemic situation.  Another charming product from Charmis and a complete steal for the price!

Price –INR 180 for 150ml

Packaging – Opaque Plastic tube

Buy It Here


Charmis Deep Radiance Face Hand Cream Swatch
Charmis Deep Radiance Hand Cream Swatch

Overall I am quite pleased with these three products by Charmis. The face serum is my favourite of the lot and I will probably keep using it as part of my daily skin care routine because this is a good quality yet affordable product which so far has worked very well for my skin.

A good, consistent skin care regimen aided by a nutritious food plan is very important for every human being. But the skin care regimen does not always have to be complicated with multiple expensive products. One can easily devise a skin care plan consisting of products suitable to their skin type containing good quality ingredients. . Consistency is the key here. I have personally seen a tremendous amount of improvement in my skin ever since six months ago I started giving just 10 minutes twice a day to my skin and began using good skin friendly products and the results are below for you to see.  No my skin still isn’t perfect. I do have scarring from my previous acne along with a few blemishes but I am still happy to see my skin get better with every passing week. The big, bumpy, pus filled painful pimples are gone seemingly for good now.

A good, consistent skin care routine ensures better skin

Do give the Charmis Deep Radiance Range a try, especially the face serum and you will not be disappointed!


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