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Basic Skin care Tips For Men

Men often don’t devote time to their skin, for reasons such as lack of awareness and hesitation to accept skin care as normal because these topics are often branded as feminine. here are some basic skin care tips for men which are easy and informative.

How to Grow your Hair Really Fast!

  The rains are here and most of us dread them because our hair does not get along very well with the monsoon season! Hair falls more during the rains mostly because of the increased levels of humidity in the air, and because of the high content of pollution and chemicals in rainfall. This post…Read More

Handbag Essentials

Handbag essentials for every woman to carry with herself!   A handbag is like a portable home for a woman. We tend to carry EVERYTHING in our handbags, and barely end up using half the stuff everyday. From books, to water bottles, keys, make up, spare clothes, we like keeping everything close by, incase of…Read More