Behala Bulldogs – A Kabaddi match on stage, within a play!

BEHALA BULLDOGS is a play based on a true story, featuring a full length Kabaddi match on stage and is being produced by S.T.B / Honuman Productions and Credo Events and Entertainment.


Writer-Director Akshay Kapoor has taken inspiration from  his own experience as a player in a tournament to create this play.


“On 23rd January 2009, 6 young men had the courage to do the unthinkable and unimaginable on the field of play, something which was never seen or heard of in the entire sporting history of the world.
This MARCH, S.T.B/HONUMAN Productions is proud to bring the people of Kolkata a re-enactment of that fateful day on stage.”


Behala Bulldogs Kabaddi
Behala Bulldogs


“Behala Bulldogs” is a team of five men, who have very different personalities, professions and lives, who come together to try their luck at winning a local Kabaddi tournament.

The team of Behala Bulldogs, proudly sponsored by ‘Noni Gopal er Tatka Chicken’ comprises of the following characters,

Mukesh “Shaktiman” Khanna (Akshay Kapoor), an artist who performs at weddings, does not actually sing but lip syncs to Himesh Reshammiya’s hit songs.

Navneet “Charger” Chhajer (Bhaveen Juthani), A guy with a regular 9-5 corporate job and a wife with some serious mental issues.

Ilyas “Shake” Sheikh (Aritra Saha), a light sound supplier to wedding and stage events, friend of Mukesh Khanna and lovestruck by “Raziya”

Shurjokomol “Junior” Mitra (Shibendu Roy), a typical Behala “chengra”, who is clueless about life.

Akash , Junior’s ‘homo partner’ (Akash Sarkar), (before you take offence over that word, please watch the play!)

Rahul “Golden” Das (Arkaprovo Roy), a struggling actor who struggles even more to get his girlfriend’s attention.


Behala Bulldogs Kabaddi
Behala Bulldogs


They are up against a very strong rival team, “Shyambazar Friends Union” and what unfolds next holds the future of this seemingly underdog team.


Behala Bulldogs Kabaddi
Shyambazar Friends Union

Not only will the audience get to see a complete Kabaddi match on stage, but there are special backstage passes available, with the help of which viewers will be seated on the stage to watch the match, and become a part of the play. The idea is to not just break the fourth wall, but to bring the fourth wall to the stage itself.


Akshay Kapoor in the past has written and directed two plays, namely Orange Squash (2012), a dark comedy involving crime, guns, gangsters and language and Tambola(2014), a bank robbery horribly gone wrong.


Orange Squash (2012)
Orange Squash (2012)








Tambola (2014)
Tambola (2014)









Orange Squash was selected for Thespo fringe, while Tambola made it to the top five plays chosen from over 180 plays from three different countries at Thespo at the prestigious Prithvi theater in Mumbai , making it the first play to have been selected from Calcutta in eight years.


Behala Bulldogs will be staged on 25th March, 2016 at 6. P.M at Uttam Mancha, (Manohar Pukur Rd, Hazra, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026) Click here for directions.

Tickets are available at here at  BookMyShow and can be purchased from the counter before the play. They are priced at INR 60, INR 80, INR 100 and INR 250 (special backstage passes).
Behala Bulldogs kabaddi
Behala Bulldogs







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