4 Bath accessories every woman must have

4 Bath accessories every woman must have

Its not just great make up, good clothes or pretty shoes that should be your priority when it comes to looking good. Good personal hygiene not only makes you look radiant and fresh, it keeps a number of infections, allergies and diseases at bay. So here is a list of must have bath accessories every woman must keep in her shower.

 1. Body brush.

A body brush can be a woman’s best friend when it comes to exfoliating and body polishing. Invest in a good quality, long handle body brush with soft bristles and here is what it will do for you

  • Reach the areas of your body which you normally can’t unless you’re a gymnast i.e the entire back!
  • Exfoliate all the dead skin that has been collecting on your knees, elbows, nape of the neck, butt, underarms and making them look darker than the rest of the body.
  • Reduce body odor over time and keep your skin smooth, supple and squeaky clean.
  • Make you feel great! Just don’t forget to use a good body moisturizer after every use regardless of what skin type you have. I swear by baby oil. Use it and you will know why.
  • Visibly reduce cellulite deposits with regular use!!

How to use : lather your entire body with a good herbal soap or body wash and rub your brush all over yourself with gentle and circular strokes. Rinse, towel dry yourself and Moisturise!

body brush

I use this body brush by the Body Shop. With a handle that’s six inches long, the  bristles are  not extremely soft, and some might find them a little harsh but personally its exactly what I needed. I think this was cost me about INR 550

2. Face brush

You can’t not have this one! It is just as important as your tooth brush. Climate change, pollution and over use of make up on the face is very harmful for skin. Hence using a good and extremely soft face brush is of paramount importance.

  • Kiss your blackheads and whiteheads goodbye for good! The best part about using a face brush is that you don’t need to use harsh apricot scrubs or go to the salon and bear that excruciating pain to get rid of you black and whiteheads. Pores won’t clog and you will get less break outs if you already were due to clogged pores, excessive oil secretion or improper cleansing


  • Thick foundations are difficult to take off despite using cleansers or make up removers. If not removed properly, the foundation stays on your skin and you can only imagine what that can result in. Dark spots, acne, painful pimples you name it! So gently brush away all impurities with a great face brush!


  • Using a vibrating face brush all over your face and neck is like giving your face a comforting massage, which improves the circulation of blood throughout your face and prevents it from looking dull.


How to use :

Just squeeze some facewash on the brush and get to work. 3 minutes of gentle, circular motions, three times a week is all you need for a nice smooth and polished face. Avoid the under eye area. And make sure to reach behind your ears, corners of your temples and the entire neck right down to the collar bone. Rinse, pat face dry and Moisturize!

proactive face brush proactive face brush dismantled




This Proactive face brush I purchased from Amazon was priced at INR 1950 when I purchased it over a year back, and it was more than worth the price! Its an AA battery operated vibrating brush. The detachable brush head has extremely soft bristles which are very gentle on and the vibrating motion really soothes the entire face after a long and tiring day. It came with two AA Duracel batteries in the pack. The length of the brush is about four inches and that makes it extremely easy to travel with


3. Foot brush and foot file

Painful corns, calluses, cracked heels, hardened skin, dirty nails and dark, patchy skin on the feet are all effects of not paying due attention to your feet.The skin on our feet is thicker than the rest of the body so it needs extra attention. Also our feet attract dirt a lot more than the rest of the body as they are most used and most neglected.

So, get hold of a foot brush and foot file and

  • Scrub away dead skin which leads to corns, calluses and cracked heels with the foot file. Bye bye ugly, dirty feet!
  • Using a foot brush regularly improves the complexion of the feet and keeps them soft and smooth.
  • The cuticle growth on toe nails stays under control and the nails look and feel great.

How to use

First, scrub out the hard and dead skin from under your big toe and heels. Then use the brush with a little shampoo on it and buff out the area you just filed and then rub your entire foot for as long it feels okay with you. Rinse, and apply a good foot cream.

For best results do this at night, three times a week, (after soaking your feet in a tub of warm water for a while) apply the foot cream, wear socks and hit the bed! The next morning will be a very happy morning for you!

foot creamIMG_20150324_130301

I have used expensive foot files from Oriflame and Scholl which were made up of metal but this plastic foot file is a better alternate for me when it comes to buffing out hard skin from my heels and toes. If you have softer feet unlike mine then go for a milder file. You can find it in any local store and this costs just INR 15 !!

The small wood based nail brush is from The Body shop priced at INR 375. Even though its named as a “nail brush” it works very well to smooth filed out skin and also helps remove dirt from all over the feet and beneath the nails as well.

Finally I finish my at home foot cleansing routine with this foot cream from Himalaya (INR 95). Its not a wonder of a product but is decent as its of a good, thick consistency which I soak my feet in overnight and wake up next morning with really soft and good looking feet.

You can use any thick moisturizer or even Coconut oil.

Tip : Try to go nail paint free for atleast a week every month and let you nails and cuticles breathe!!

 4. Loofah

As I said earlier, a body brush should be restrictively used about twice or three times a week, because daily use can over exfoliate and damage your skin . The rest of the days you can opt for a soft loofah if you wish, to work up a nice, thick bubbly lather with your favorite soap or body wash. It really helps you feel fresh and rejuvenated after a bath, especially on a hot summer day.



This was again a locally bought loofah (It was very cheap, I don’t really remember the exact price but i think it was for INR 50)

Its got a foot long plastic handle and the  material is soft. Very easy to use

Thumb rules that apply to all your personal bath and other accessories :

  • Moisturise your skin after every use of a brush, loofah, or foot file. When you exfoliate you are actually taking of a very very thin layer of your skin. So what if its just dead cells? Its still skin. So you must nourish it with all the moisture it needs after using a brush on it
  • Never ever share your brushes with anyone else, not even your mother, sister or boyfriend. You don’t want to give or take gems and infections.
  • If you share a common bathroom with your family, put all your stuff in a box or basket and keep it in your room. Bring it in before you shower and take it back again. Because you never know, who might just be using your stuff.
  • Clean and dry all your accessories thoroughly after each use. Dirt or moisture left behind in the brush will lead microscopic mold to grow in your brush and then when you use it again, viola!! Brace yourself for rashes, pimples and acne.

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