New limited edition products by Tupperware !

I remember , as a child, in the early 2000s, Tupperware had taken the Indian household by a storm. We, a typical middle class family were in awe when my father’s friend, a Tupperware affiliate, organised a demo session for the whole locality and showed us colorful containers, lunchboxes, water jugs, tumblers, butter dishes and so many more foreign looking things which were completely different from the regular steel we were used to! Tupperware gradually made its way into the Indian kitchen which was beginning to get microwave friendly and towards the end of the last decade, had already become an indispensable brand here.

Back then, when  I was barely in middle school, I had taken a particular liking towards this fancy looking Rasgulla container which had a yellow lid and an in built strainer which made handling rasgullas really easy. The demo had left me completely impressed and despite personally having zero utility for it, I begged my parents to buy it for me. And believe me if you will, I had it with me till about last year before I gave it away, in a perfectly usable condition! How swaggy I would feel carrying chhaas in a shiny Tupperware tumbler to school while everyone else carried water bottles is a different story altogether!  Apart from filling in our kitchens with vibrant utilities,Tupperware also provided a huge opportunity to people especially home makers to make an income with the help of their partnership/affiliate programme.

Now, Tupperware dominates my kitchen, in the form of containers, choppers, oil dispensers  and the good old air tight microwave safe lunch box sets. A regular Tupperware  user will not settle for anything less, like the cheap plastic stuff you will see in your local hyper stores and markets.

Recently Tupperware reached out to me about their new limited edition tri color water bottles which were launched around Independence Day . They sent over their latest catalog, along with two of the  bottles, and as usual, I was highly impressed. The bottles are sturdy, and feel very premium quality. I was happy to collaborate with Tupperware for this post, because I have a soft spot for this brand which has been around my house for most of my life. Its a brand I trust because I have seen first hand, how dependable, user friendly and extremely long lasting Tupperware products are.

So take a look at their limited edition Aquasafe Freedom Bottles.

AquaSafe1 L Freedom Bottle with Flipflop is priced at Rs.260
AquaSafe 1 L Freedom Collection (Set of 3) is priced at Rs.705

“The Tupperware Aquasafe Freedom Bottles are reusable and environment-friendly so refill and re-use them many times throughout your day rather than using and throwing disposable bottles. Flaunt the Tupperware Tri-color Aquasafe Freedom Bottles while hydrating and staying refreshed.”

I found some really cool and interesting things in their latest catalogue, especially the RiceSmart rice dispenser which I am currently eyeing. Its a bit pricey but seems worth the investment, given the fact that it does keep pests and insects from contaminating the rice.

The Blossom Condimate set looks really cute too!  You can check out all these new launches along with the Aquasafe freedom bottles on their website


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