10 beauty products I have been repeat buying for over 5 years

10 beauty products I have been repeat buying for over 5 years

In a world where there is a new beauty product launched and introduced to the market almost every week, I am sure there are certain products which suit our beauty routine so well that we keep buying them over and over. So here is my list of 10 such beauty products which I have been repeat buying for over five years.

1. Clean and Clear Face wash

The Clean and Clear Facewash is one of the few face washes available in India that is suitable for my acne prone skin type in every way. I have oily skin during summers and combination during winters. This face wash from Johnson and Johnson lathers beautifully, cleans the face very well and even takes off all residual make up. In fact, this is what use to even wash my make up brushes too.  I have large pores around my nose and acne scars on my cheeks. Washing my face with this face wash makes my pores feel clean and unclogged and this doesn’t leave behind a slippery feel like many other anti acne face wash brands in the market, nor is it too drying on the skin. This face wash has helped me keep my oily skin situation under control. I wash my face with it twice a day before proceeding with my day time and night time skin care routine.

Clean and Clear Facewash

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2. Rexona Roll on body deodorant

I literally cannot do without this miracle  product! If you struggle with body odor stemming from your armpits, like I used to, then this just the right product for you. I shave my underarms just like the rest of my body, which means that my hair grows back faster than someone who waxes and body odor is made even worse if there is hair present. This amazing roll on deodorant by Rexona is the best at completely masking body odor among all other similar products in my opinion, because I have tried most of them and can say this with confidence. I apply a thin layer of this deodorant in my armpits just after my shower and go about my day as normal, and there has never been any sign of sweaty, smelling odor, ever. This deodorant is so effective that it masks body odor until you wash the product off your skin! The thing I love the most about this apart from its long lasting ability is the fact that this is a no sticky formula which disappears into the skin in no time and does not darken the armpits unlike its other contemporaries. I must have gone through many dozen bottles of this in the last 5+ years and I always buy it in pairs so that I never run out. The product is small, compact, easy to use and is absolutely indispensable to me.


Rexona Underam Roll on deodorant

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3. Elle 18 Nail Polish Remover

Another very affordable, good quality product is the nail polish remover from Elle 18. It is perhaps the most cost effective ‘branded’ nail polish remover available to us now, and the best part is that it does not make your finger tips feel like hard stones after use or leave behind that unappealing white residue which most cheap nail polish removers do. It does its job well at removing nail paint and you don’t need too much of it either. The affordability of this product combined with its good quality is what makes me a repeat buyer of this.

Elle 18 Nail enamel Remover

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4. MAC studio fix powder foundation

While this is an expensive product, the MAC studio fix powder foundation is hands down the best powder foundation I have ever used, given how it covers up my blemishes and dark spots very well while giving the face an even look. For people with combination and oily skin this is a boon, as powder foundations don’t melt away easily due to the oil that is naturally secreted by the skin.  I use this very regularly and on multiple occasions, I have used just this as my base make up. If used properly, one can achieve a smooth, even base and you wont need any cream based foundation or concealer either. While this comes with a sponge, I prefer using a make up brush to apply it on my face. It is easy to carry and the mirror is handy for touch ups.


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5. Streax TLC  hair color

Premature graying is a hereditary problem that has bothered me ever since I stepped into my teens and still is an issue with me. Those with premature grey hair know how irritating it is when you have to touch up your roots every 20-25 days. Then comes the problem of not being able to leave your hair open with a parting because your roots are visibly grey and you were too busy to go to the salon for hair color or do it yourself at home. Salon treatments are expensive and for someone like me who has a very erratic work schedule, it was getting more difficult for me to find the right window to visit a salon. Due to all these issues I started coloring my own hair at home years ago. But most hair colors were not very suitable for me. I would suffer from dandruff for a couple of days after coloring my hair and my scalp would feel dry and itchy. Then the color would fade away exposing the outgrown grey hair and I would be back to coloring my hair just about three weeks later. So one fine day I picked up the Streax TLC hair color primarily because it was on a Buy One Get One free offer and also because I wanted to try out a different brand hoping it would be better, and boy was it good! This gel based hair color is easy to apply, doesn’t drip off the brush and covers roots very well, The best part is that the color stays put for a long time and doesn’t fade until the hair has grown from under the scalp. and most importantly it has never irritated my scalp. One box of color comes complete with the color, developer, gloves, a sturdy applicator brush, a hair conditioner as well as a serum which lasts really long! The amount of products you get in one box for its price is unbelievable. I use the shade dark brown and this is available in black, burgundy and brown as well. It comes in two sizes, and I easily get at least three root touch ups out of the bigger size and two out of the smaller one. I am now a permanent consumer of this pocket friendly product. This comes in a box but I had already thrown it out to save space hence I am posting a picture of the contents without the box.

Streax TLC Hair Color Kit

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6.  Streax Ultralights Hair Highlighting Color – 

Along with touching up my roots, I also highlight my hair often. I always do it home, myself. Getting your hair highlighted professionally can be very expensive, where a full head of highlights can cost anywhere between three to five thousand rupees in a salon. Now every time I touch up my gray roots which is almost every month, it recolors at least 3-4 inches of my highlighted hair. So I have to re highlight those bits. Now imagine doing that every month in a salon. It would cost me a fortune! So from an economic point of view, I prefer highlighting my hair at home with the Streax Ultralights Hair Highlighting Color. This is a bleach based product where in the kit you get a plastic disposable mixing bowl, one sachet each of blonder powder and developer, two sachets of conditioner, a plastic applicator ( I prefer using a dye brush than the applicator), a pair of disposable gloves and an instruction leaflet. My preferred shade is the soft blonde because I believe it suits my complexion. Other colors available are vibrant blonde, reds, blue, green and even purple. One box is enough for touch ups or global highlights for short to medium length hair. Since my hair is waist length, I need two boxes and  I do sometimes take my mother-in-law’s help to cover the back portions of my head which trickier to do. This requires a lot of practice. My highlights don’t always look very prim and proper or professionally done , but I have gotten better at it and I have saved a lot of money with this. As far as hair damage is concerned, any chemical products especially bleaches and dyes will have certain adverse effects on hair. But here is where you have to take control. First, thoroughly read the instruction leaflet, because not all hair dyes and colors are formulated in the same way. Secondly, always do a patch test before using the product to check for sensitivity and allergies. Finally set a timer during every application and never keep bleach in your hair for more than 30 mins from the beginning of application. That can cause your hair to burn. I also take good care of my hair with a strict hair care regimen which is essential for those who regularly treat their hair with chemicals.

Streax Ultralights Hair Highlighting Color Kit

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7.  Maybelline Collosal Super Black Kajal and Eyeliner

The Kajal and Eyeliner from Maybelline are a hit for me. The quick drying eye liner has a felt tip and it feels just like a pen which makes this so easy to hold and use including drawing a wing extension. The Kajal is long lasting, doesn’t smudge easily and both these products are highly pigmented, good quality and affordable.

Maybelline Colossal Eyeliner and Kajal

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8. Loreal Infallible Foundation-

Ever since I started using the Infallible range of liquid foundations from Loreal, I have rarely bought liquid foundation from any other brand. The tube foundation has medium coverage with a demi matte finish which I use during the daytime while the glass bottle foundation has full coverage matte finish which I use for heavy glam make up looks to attend weddings and events. The infallible range lasts long, is ideal for oily skin and is not as expensive compared to other foundation with similar coverage and finish. The only problem I have with the glass bottle foundation is that the pump always malfunctions and I have to remove the pump altogether and get the product out with the help of a foundation spatula. This is quite inconvenient and I hope Loreal fixes the pump issue soon.

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Glass Bottle

9. Aquacolor Coloured Contact Lens

I don’t have perfect vision and wear glasses and contacts all the time. My eye power is in the minus 2 bracket. After wearing clear contacts for years, I decided to give color lenses a try because I noticed that colored puplis greatly enhance eye make up. So I tried out a few different colors from various brands and finally found the Aqualcolor colored contact lens on Lenskart which was completely suitable for me in all criteria. I buy monthly disposable contacts. My preferred shades are spicy Gray and dark brown because these two colors look more natural and compliment my complexion. I don’t like wearing unconvincing colors such as blue or purple or green because they look artificial on me. These contacts don’t irritate my eyes and any make up I do does look much better with colored lenses in my opinion.

Aquacolor Contact lens Spicy Gray


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10. Patanjali Aloe Vera gel

This multi purpose aloevera gel from Patanjali is a staple in my home. Mainly I use it as a shaving medium on my face because it helps the razor glide across my skin very smoothly. I also use it to soothe burns, paper cuts and I even apply it on my scalp sometimes on a hot summer day to cool off before a shower. This is by no means a magical or life changing product but it is quite useful around the house.

Patanjali Aloevera Gel

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Which products do you buy frequently and why? Leave a comment below, I would love to know more!


Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post. There are no affiliate links.

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